Credits and thanks / Crédits et remerciements

Photos :

Aura O'Neill's collection, Corinne Picard, Didier Reuss, JiPé Pécriaux, Philippe Brieke, Catherine Sanchez, Danièle Forest, Magali Alexandre, Archives Silences, Dominique Clarisse. Some pictures of Jim Mc Dermott, Stephen Greer by Mo Mackenzie.
Photos 2000 Tour : Pont Audemer by Sabine Proot, Lorient Celtic Festival by Marie-Hélène Aubourg. 2002 Tour : Photos of Guinguamp, Concarneau, Camaret by Christian Lebbe.
Most Sleeping Prophets pictures by Ed Bonner. Renfrew Ferry (2002) photos by Billy Mearns, and Sabine & Frédéric Proot.

Feel free to use the pictures when credited "Didier Reuss, JiPé, Corinne Picard, Philippe Brieke or Silences" : these are ours. As for the other, they might be subject to copyright...

Album covers : RCA/BMG, BMG France, The Silencers."Receiving" album cover and logo by Jimme O'Neill, Uncanny, Double T Music, "A Night of Electric Silence" artwork by Jimme O'Neill, Last Call Records, album cover photo by ??. Back cover photo and some inside booklet photos by Silences, Philippe Brieke, Corinne Picard, Didier Reuss.

Logos : "Silences" and "Receiving Girl" logos by Jimme O'Neill. Some logos were made from pictures by Colin Usher. All the "Nessie" logos (freeware) were taken on

To the memory of Cha Burns...


Spécial Thanks :

First of all, thank you Aura (for your interest for the fan-club affairs) and Jimme O'Neill and the Silencers : Milla, Cha Burns (it's a real shame that you both left the band), Jim Mc Dermott, Phil and Stevie Kane. Welcome to James O'Neill! Welcome to Stephen Greer, too.

David "Disco" Mc Clean... and Regency Buck. Discover their music on

Martin Hanlin.

Patrice Leduc.

John Ramsay, also Didier and Xavier and everybody at the 99' French Tour... (Merci à Didier Blandin de nous avoir souvent aidé à passer les barrières de videurs).

Colin Usher. Thank you Dennis Fallen (

Dom Kiris @ Ouï FM, Paris (102,3 FM).

Mulhouse 11/99 : merci à toute l'équipe du Noumatrouf, et plus spécialement Kem et Sam pour votre accueil chaleureux (Noumatrouf.... Programmation sur, merci à toute l'équippe de RTL 2 à Mulhouse, et au GlenCoe Scottish Pub.

Hélène, Hervé, et surtout Caroline @ Double T Music, Paris.

Sjaak @

Espen Esmark in Norway. It's a shame that your own Silencers site vanished... Xphane Sanchez, Fred Tillier, Fabrice, Jodey Udell, who have their own Silencers sites (see "links" page to visit their sites)

Thank you also Stéphanie and Valérie Prouvost who created the Fan-Club many years ago... As well as Aurélie and Myriam who contributed to the cause, and Dominique... Your help and encouragements are precious.


2000 / 2001...

Merci à JiPé

Thanks to Martin Hanlin... It's always nice to read your messages. Keep up the good work with Kevin Hunter and Jim Kerr!

Thank You Kevin Mc Dermott and KMO (info on and Stephen Greer

Mo "The Angel" @

Merci à Armens et Aston Villa (de la part de Christine!)

Merci à Last Call Records, Patrick Mathé, Catherine Lebrun et Egon Kragel (

Merci à Zicline (

Ed Bonner for Sleeping Prophets and James O'Neill

Merci à Marc Baca (Dharma / Nova-Divine), et bonne chance pour ta propre musique

Thank you all who helped me for this site : Ian Guest, (Barnsley, England), Jean-Marc Piraprez (Liège, Belgium) for the single discography, Corinna Wodrich (Deutschland) Jodey Udell (Canada), Kriel (USA) and Mike Nelson (England) for the Fingerprintz section... Your help has been precious.

2002 & 2003...

Welcome to Martin Kelly (Sleeping Prophets) who has just joined the Silencers.

Merci à Claude.

Sophie Canitrot @ Last Call Records

Stephan Reichen @ Dahu Festival, les Brenets, Suisse / Switzerland. Dommage... je n'ai pas pu assister au concert!!

Merci à Bruno Dollone pour certains gifs animés, les flash, etc...

Merci à Christian Lebbe pour les photos de la tournée en Bretagne :-)

Gracias Jose (España) for your patience (especially the "Letter from St Paul" CD) y por el CD de Manà!!!!!

Thank you Lynn (England) for your many emails, thank you Billy Mearns and Sabine & Frédéric Proot for the photos of the Renfrew Ferry (December 27, 2002)!

2004 & 2005...

Merci à Eléanore @ Keltia musique

Hi James and good luck with your new band Bwana Devil

Merci à Sonia Marigo pour tes nombreuses photos de Bretagne!!


A special dedication to my dear Macintosh Computer (I swear I will never use a PC!!!)

If you have any suggestion to improve this site, if there is any piece of information which you would like to find on it... Just send me a message :

Si vous avez des suggestions pour améliorer ce site, s'il y a des informations que vous souhaiteriez y trouver... Alors laissez-moi un message...


"The only thing the blues is afraid of is the pipes"


"TO DO IS TO BE" - Socrates

"TO BE IS TO DO" - Sartre

"DO BE DO BE DO" - Sinatra

"BE DO DO BE DO DO BE DO DO" - Silencers




- Peace : Planet Before Profits : Poetry and Pure Joy - The Silencers -


More sound, More silences. For the ones who love us and the ones we love. We'll see you soon. We'll bring our musical rollercoaster right up close and whisper in your ear. In Scotland aye, en France c'est certain, Deutschland, España, Italia, Canada and the USA yeah yeah yeah. Maybe this year we'll even play in England!. A tous mes amis qui font que ce rêve continue. A bientôt. To the silent majority everywhere...


To the silent majotity :

A chapter closes but this is an epic romance - something worth fighting for - oh yes. We'll trip down this ancient street again someday soon and when we do come and say hello.

A tous mes amis en France j'ai passé les meilleurs moments de ma vie dans votre pays. Gros bisous - A bientôt.


"Before Enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After Enlightenment chop wood and carry water".

Jimme O'Neill / The Silencers



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