Saint-Louis les Bitches 29 Août 2003... et Ensisheim, 30 Août. A review by Aura O'Neill.

The review of the last two gigs:

29 Aug:
St Louis les Bitches - We drove in a scooby - esqe , Bob Marley tribute, deathwish (van was a bit dodgy!) to the gig which was in a big top, on a really cool festival site. A food stall was there with the biggest tarteflette dish I've ever seen (bout the size of a small car) and there was a outdoor lounge with loads of sofas and chairs but no roof which wasnt so good later in the rain.

The Gig was great, audience were a real rock audience and we stayed around after to watch Blankass (a great French rock band).

30 Aug: Woke up with hangover (not just me - everyone) that tasted like Martini/Orangina which was the only thing to drink that wasnt beer. We were picked up by Phillippe - Fan Club guy and great friend of the band - who took us to a party - an all day party with his friends and family who cooked wonderful food and had some incredible wines. A Very indulgent day indeed except the band looked like Death! and the 6 least glamorous people there - even the children looked like film stars compared to us - anyway we had a great day and bigger surprises were in store as we arrived at the gig. The Tour manager had said that the promoter said we would be playing on mushrooms?? Well, we were going to politely decline but in fact mushrooms meant podiums! Yes we were all on seperate stages like dancers and the higher up they went the hotter it got so that after the first song I looked up behind me and Jim and Stef were bright purple, I started to laugh and then my eyeliner arrived in my eyes and I wanted to scream with the pain!!

I will never know how we done that gig, it was the hottest, loudest thing Ive ever experienced but I would do it again - it was great!

See you at the ferry

Aura xx

Pictures by Philippe Brieke / Silences




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