Landeleau, Dimanche 3 Août 2003... A review by Aura O'Neill.

The last gig was in a small village called Landeleau and we played at the Fête du Stang. We arrived in the afternoon and already they were having a party with a great band called Planete Zouk. We were playing at 8.40 so we had to eat early. I had a wonderful gallette blé noir with gruyère and the men had a local speciality - andouillette (it was interesting for them and funny to watch!!) After dinner we watched as the crowd performed many breton dances (except Jimme who joined in - as usual - always the performer) and then went backstage to change. Its amazing to see these dances as in Scotland we have similar things called Ceiladhs (caleys) but the band usually announces the name of the song or dance and instructs the audience for people who may not know it, In Brittany the crowd with huge generation gaps all know what they're doing and instinctively change with the music - its incredible. Anyway backstage with 30 minutes to go I was feeling quite tired so Claude suggested cafe electric - pastis and coffee - well it worked, but didn't go down too well with the chouchen and vodka after the show! I'm sure Keats was on chouchen. I had drank it before (just not in pints) oh well what doesnt kill us etc.... Really looking forward to Ty Cafe great place to play and oh we are playing the Renfrew Ferry on Boxing Day

See you soon, love to all, Aura xxx

Ps. For those who dont know:
- (dont know if spelling is right) - Tripe Vibe intestinal thingy
Chouchen - ditto - fortified wine made with honey - lethal in pints
Pastis - Pernod is a brand of this - drank before meals with water not blackcurrant!
Galette blé noir - crepe made from buckwheat I think although ble noir does translate as black grain
Gruyère - type of cheese.




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